Sunday, August 12, 2012

News from the Olsons

It's been a while, but this is going to be a big one, so in the words of Bette Davis (who can't be quoted enough!) "fasten your seatbelts...its going to be a bumpy night."

Our big news is that we've sensed God's call to return with the IMB as career missionaries to Peru.  We've been offered and accepted a position with the American Peoples Affinity Group.  The role is labeled Network Strategy Coach.  Here is how David described it in a recent email:

A Network Strategy Coach works with missionaries from within the  
American Affinity to help them effectively use US churches in the  strategic engagement of people groups.  While much of this would be  with the Connecting Cluster missionaries, it includes working with all  other missionaries as well, helping them utilize US partners in their  master plans.  After an initial shock, Cameron and I took a month to  pray about this, then talked with various different people seeking  guidance.  We first felt some leading from the Lord during OGM.  Then,  we took two days to get out of Lima by ourselves this week to continue  seeking the Lord's will.  After all this, we now feel a peace, and yet  an overwhelming responsibility to the Lord's calling in this position.

So what that means is:

We will finish our term as ConnectPeru team leaders.  This term ends January 29, 2013.  At this time we'll head back to Virginia for a 6 month stateside.  Then after that, and all this is pending all the approvals we need, we will return to Lima.  We'll be based here, but work with folks all over the Americas.  

We are excited and sad at the same time.  Until a few months ago, we had no plans of returning.  So this has brought about a big change in our plans.  But we've prayed many many hours over this, sought godly counsel and feel the Lord's peace and confirmation about it.  

Please keep us in your prayers!  We want to finish out our term here well and stay focused, there is much to do!  Also, please pray for us and our families.  It's been a very hard decision for us to make and for them to accept.  Pray for peace for them.  Please pray especially this week for a training of nationals (wed-fri).  This is the first time we have done this and are looking forward to it!

Thanks to all of you, if you have any questions, please let us know.  Also, let us know how we can be praying for you!

We love and miss you!